Greenhouse under construction-south wall

WORKSHOP - Simple Green Construction

Learn low cost ways to make your home or farm more energy efficient.

Efficient building design is based on utilizing and or repelling the natural energies coming into the system (sun, wind, and rain). Many houses already built, or being built, are done so without any thought of future fossil fuel shortages and presently rising energy costs. However, with correct house placement and design for the climate, and the use of simple concepts and technologies, we can reduce our dependence on fossil fuel energy to heat and cool our houses and buildings.

You may already have an environmentally sub-standard house or outbuilding and not a lot of budget to work with to make corrections and improvements. This workshop focuses on small, inexpensive  changes that yield much larger benefits in natural energy efficiency, resulting in cooler buildings inside in summertime and warmer inside in wintertime.

This one day workshop explores ways to utilize passive solar energy in winter and to shield against it during the hot summer months. A good primer for incorporating green, energy efficient principles in new or existing home and barn construction and remodeling. You don't need to be a professional contractor to benefit from this workshop.

 Workshop covers the following topics:


  • Directional siting of buildings and ways to manage and enhance seasonal daylight variations in your house.

  • How to construct soil berms to shield your house from heat and cold extremes.

  • The use of awnings, trellises, arbors and "pods" to shield your house from summer sun.

  • Building solar collectors for heating your house in wintertime.

  • Recycleable materials that make great insulation.

  • Using insulation and enclosed air spaces to enhance in-house temperature stability.

  • Cooling the attic with a heat reflective roof and vents.

  • Build it yourself-low cost solar powered water pre-heaters.

  • Outdoor solar-heated showers.

  • Landscaping practices that shelter your house from weather extremes.

  • And much more......

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