Information about workshop fees, dates and answers to FAQ's.

"Only those who have learned with experience,

can teach with authority.




Now a five (5) part DIY series starting September 8th with a different skillshare each week.
Most of Floyd County's service industry pricing has risen to a level where a lot of us on fixed or low income budgets can't afford to get basic repairs done to our homes, vehicles, and outdoor power equipment by professionals.  Without good Do It Yourself  (DIY) skills, we often end up living with potentially unsafe or unsatisfactory conditions. If you can't afford to pay $70 per hour to have your lawnmower serviced, or $90 per hour to have a leaky pipe repaired, and you don't have the skill level or confidence to do it yourself, then listen up.
Master craftsman, boat builder, welder, mechanic, etc., Leaf Myczack, of the Broadened Horizons Sustainability Teaching Farm will hold a 5 part series of Free Community DIY Skill-Shares starting on September 8th 2019 at their demonstration farm.
Monetary and in-kind donations always appreciated.
Schedule:  each session is from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.
We begin at the time posted
Sep't. 8th--Tool introduction, Learn what tool does what job. Covers construction, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical tools, both hand and power. Learn how to work safely and efficiently with the proper tools for getting the job done right. Also how to properly care for them.
Sep't 15th-- Basic construction - How to create a plan, take proper measurements, source materials. Covers metal fasteners, adhesives, how to mix cement, drive a nail, join two boards firmly together, marking, cutting a straight line, and much more. Personal ear and eye protection required.
Sep't. 22nd-- Electrical - Provides an overview of AC & DC electric systems. Electricity isn't rocket science and learning how it works takes the mystery and fear out of replacing a faulty outlet or creating a back-up 12V DC system. Also covers wire splicing, proper wire sizes, crimped fittings, soldering, grounding systems, interior and exterior applications and much more.
Sep't. 29th-- Plumbing  - Covers repair of both PVC and iron pipe plumbing systems. How to cut pipe, clean & glue fittings and how to create a new water line. Covers pipe sizes, threaded fittings, valves, good plumbing practices, and personal safety.
Oct. 6th --Small engine service & repair Tired of yanking and pulling on starter cords on small engines that don't start? Learn basic service procedures to keep your engine running. Learn how to trouble shoot and repair a cranky small engine. Covers basic overview of 2 & 4 stroke engines, fuel systems, lubrication, storage, and much more.
Broadened Horizons Teaching Farm
705 Laurel Creek Rd. NE
Pilot, VA 24138

The farm is located at 705 Laurel Creek Rd., about 1 mile past the former Blue Ridge Center for Chinese Medicine.  You can't miss the sign on the right.  If you get to Lovell Rd., you've gone too far. If you end up in Swede McBroom's driveway, you haven't gone far enough.

 contact us for more details

We offer a number of separate, yet inter-related workshops to the general public. We can also custom design a workshop for school groups, home schoolers, or for your family,  your social and / or civic group.

One day workshops

begin at 10 a.m. and end at 3 p.m.

(one hour lunch break)


Fees for workshops are as follows:

  • School groups and home schoolers $2.oo per person.
  • One day workshops - $50.oo per person - Bring a friend and get a $10 discount for both you and your friend.
  • Sign up for two one day workshops for $75, or three one day workshops for $110.
  • Active full-time student, lower income, or simple lifestyle practitioner - 50% (or more) off of full price.
  • Work to learn participant - $5 per day - must be pre-approved following a trial day at the farm. **
  • Community Skillshare workshops. Free
  • It is our intention to not exclude any serious potential workshop participant due to a financial hardship in paying the posted workshop fee. If you need scholarship-type financial assistance or other special consideration, please contact us via email.

**The Work to Learn (WTL) program is design to exchange sweat equity for practical knowledge. In exchange for hands-on labor provided to the farm, participants receive practical knowledge, and  credit applied toward workshop participation. WTL programs can be tailored to address learning specific skills, i.e., construction, gardening, water systems, etc.

Workshop Deposit Required
For one day workshops, we require a $25.oo non-refundable deposit to be paid no later than two weeks prior to the workshop date.  Special arrangements may be made for late sign-ups.

Please make checks payable to Leaf Myczack


Overnight lodgings & facilities -

  • primitive tent campsites
  • sheltered loft space in the barn





Workshops Offered

  1. Permaculture, learning from nature -
  2. Rainwater Harvest and Storage - Basic - (one day)
  3. Rainwater 2 Harvest  and Storage - Advanced -
  4. Introduction to Organic Gardening - (one day)
  5. Simple Green Construction & Retrofitting Techniques - (one day)
  6. New Farm Start-Up for new farmers- (weekend or two day)


HOW TO REGISTER for an unscheduled WORKSHOP

1. Choose a workshop topic (from the list above) that you would like to learn.

2. Contact us by email

  • Tell us the name of the workshop
  • Tell us how many persons will be involved (up to 4)
  • Tell us the best available date (weekend or weekday) for you or your group. Most workshop sessions are limited to the months of April, May, June, - September, October, November due to seasonal weather conditions and temperatures. Introduction to Organic Gardening & Simple Green Construction are available after March 15th.

3. We will confirm the workshop date, and then request a non-refundable deposit from you.

4. Show up at the scheduled workshop, and be both educated and inspired.

Coming from out of state?

email us for details & lodging information.