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WORKSHOP-Intro to organic gardening

Learn the basic philosophy and techniques of organic gardening and small scale farming from experts.


If you are already gardening, or thinking about starting a garden, it makes sense to do it organically, without the use of synthetic fertilizers or toxic pesticides and herbicides. Growing food organically will maximize the health benefits of raising and eating your own home grown food, while at the same time enriching your garden soil.

This workshop is designed as a hands-on basic introduction to the principles of successful organic gardening in the South.


Subject matter covers:

  • The healthy-earth philosophy of the organic gardening movement.
  • Preparing a seed bed. Includes planting seeds, seedlings, and/or bulbs.
  • How to grow a vertical garden in limited space. Includes constructing different types of trellises.
  • Using compost and organic matter to enrich the soil. Includes looking at soil profiles, and applying mulch to new and established plants.
  • Establishing the ideal conditions for an active worm bed.
  • Saving your own seed for the following planting season.
  • Companion planting of varieties that grow well together.
  • Learning what grows in what season, and when to plant.
  • Effects of various climate anomalies on seasonal crops and how to respond naturally.
    • heat wave mitigation
    • late & early frost protection
    • drawing up a drought plan
    • creating wind-breaks & wind screens
  • And much more!
  • Participants receive organically grown heirloom seeds to plant in their own garden.


"Your 1-day Introduction to Organic Gardening Workshop was a wonderful workshop for organic gardeners. Even though I’ve been gardening for 25 years, I gained some valuable information that I will use in my gardening practice.

Broadened Horizon’s farm is an impressive example of sustainable farming and I enjoyed seeing all the water collection devices, solar collectors, and gorgeous chickens. The greenhouse classroom, tasty vegetarian lunch, and traditionally-built cat, "Potroast", were delightful."

Rita Senko, Ozone, TN - comments from the November 23rd, 2008 Intro. to Organic Gardening Workshop


"I liked Leaf & Cielo's simplistic approach to gardening. I think with all the infomercials and gardening gadgets available today, it makes it easy to lose sight of the fact that nature has been growing food organically since the beginning of time."

Stephen Apking, Knoxville - comments from the Organic Gardening Workshop 11/23/'08

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