WORKSHOP Feedback & Testimonials

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"In order to change something, we do not try to change the existing model. We create a new model and make the old one obsolete."

Buckminster Fuller

From the Aug. 11th, 2007 Rainwater Collection Workshop

"Thanks again for a great day and a great experience! It was very inspiring to me to see sustainable living in action and to see the ingenuity with which you actualise it all. It is easy to have great ideals, but a different matter to live by them, without succumbing under their weight either. I was glad for my own sake, but also for Simon and Natasha's sake, since they are young and your example can help them keep the faith and help them materialize their own ideals. So, thank you for your passion, knowledge and guts!

Mieke Rose,  Chapel Hill, North Carolina



From the March 22nd, 2008 Rainwater Collection Workshop
I found the class very practical.  I was impressed by the many ways water is collected, stored and strategically allocated at the Broadened Horizons Farm.  Being able to see your catchment and storage techniques firsthand was very helpful and inspiring. The amount and depth of structured information was good.  I also appreciated the opportunity for questions and answers.
The morning coffee and snack, and the noon meal were hearty and wonderful.
Bottom line, I enjoyed the day and think the staff at Broadened Horizons has a lot to teach.  I am considering some of your other courses.
I am very happy that you are located in East Tennessee.
Gordon Griffith
Knoxville, TN

 We so appreciated being able to visit a farm that focuses on sustainable practices right here in East TN.  There are a few others here, but not quite as set up and certainly not with your attention to rainwater collection.

I think I knew that it was necessary to prioritize how one uses collected rainwater, but I had not previously considered the concept of budgeting for this.  It frames the idea much differently for me and causes me to be even more deliberate in my stewardship. I was very impressed with how the budgeting process includes not just the chickens, shower, fruit trees, gardens, and other food sources, but also trees that might be needed for shade, OR that were there before you were and need a drink. And, that sometimes it is about providing habitat for frogs, birds, fish, etc. I came away with a greater sense of the responsibility involved in collecting and then re-distributing rainwater.

Rachel Swinney,  Knoxville, TN


From the June 28th, 2008 Rainwater Collection Workshop


We thought the workshop was very informative and we took several ideas away that we hope to implement. The thing that impressed us the most was that you have made the concept of sustainability a reality and that you were so willing to share your knowledge with us.

Hopefully, your message will gain more credibility with others as our summers get hotter and drier and oil prices rise. 

Don & Nancy Carpenter, Lenoir City, TN 


One thing that really made an impression on me during the workshop was realizing the fact that a lot of things done in a "typical yard" are done by "working against nature." I noticed the harmony (you can actually feel it) with nature when walking around the farm. And rather than looking unkempt, the result was peaceful, calming, and had a natural order about it.

I was excited about utilizing some of the workshop ideas, and I have had a great time in the yard this week. 

Maryann Fulton, Lenoir City, TN 


From the November 23rd, 2008 Intro. to Organic Gardening Workshop

Your 1-day Introduction to Organic Gardening Workshop was a wonderful workshop for organic gardeners. Even though I’ve been gardening for 25 years, I gained some valuable information that I will use in my gardening practice.

Broadened Horizon’s farm is an impressive example of sustainable farming and I enjoyed seeing all the water collection devices, solar collectors, and gorgeous chickens. The greenhouse classroom, tasty vegetarian lunch, and traditionally-built cat, "Potroast", were delightful.

Rita Senko, Ozone, TN

I love the simplicity of Leaf's gardening approach. It's so easy to over complicate a process. I left realizing it's more important to observe the garden as a life in itself then to sweat the analytical details.  I left inspired and more confident about how and why I will expand my garden area over the next few years.

Lois Martin, Oak Ridge, TN


From the April 4th, 2009 Introduction to Organic Gardening Workshop

I really like the hands on style of learning and expect it will help me remember what I learned. I love the whole system that you use. It was a great day and the food was wonderful.

Pam Brown, Louisville, TN

I learned a lot about how to turn my big grassy backyard into a garden. The farm is beautiful and serene. I really admire all of the multiuse and reuse ideas you incorporate.

Ginger Conner, Knoxville, TN

From the June 15th 2012, Full Farm Planning Tour

Thank you Farmer Leaf and Cielo for the wonderful hospitality and information you shared during our recent visit. We have been farming in a more traditional homesteading manner for the past 12 years and are slowly making the transition toward more self-reliance. Although harvesting rainwater is something we already do on our farm, we found ‘new eyes’ to see ways to continue that endeavor with our land and not just from our buildings! We can’t even begin to tell you how many things we learned from our visit to your farm; new recycling ideas, farm implement ideas, animal and land management ideas, and much more! You are both a wealth of information and an inspiration to our family. We continue to see our own farm in new ways that can benefit the land, animals, water and our family. Thanks again for your time during our visit.

Richard and Christie Berry, Hazel Green, Alabama


From the March 1st, 2013 Teacher In-Service Day farm tour

On the way back the staff agreed that this was the most informative professional development day we've had yet. In the van (ride home) we discussed what we can go ahead and implement on campus of what you taught us today.  We will never view a piece of land the same again.  We were all permanently impacted by seeing how you have managed the watershed of your property.  As a staff, we decided that the one thing we would implement immediately is creating a recharging station for some of our water runoff on campus.  Thanks for educating the educators!

Angie Markum
Executive Director Ivy Academy

From the September 8th, 2019 Wild Gardeners Club Outing
THANKS  SO MUCH to Leaf and Cielo for showing us their Broadened Horizon Organic Teaching Farm on Sunday.  Magical!  Ingenious! That's what I have to say about this special little place tucked into the hills of Floyd County.  They have totally transformed poor cut-over pine forest mountain land into a thriving diverse, close to nature, sustainable personal farm.  Between Cielo's artistic touch and Leaf's constructive genius they have transformed stones, wood and reclaimed materials to make a real treasure of a place.  If you couldn't make it, I highly recommend a visit or take a workshop with them to learn how to make a windmill or a pond or water collection system or a beautiful organic garden in tune with nature on a mountainside.  Leaf and Cielo both send out a big "thanks" to our group for being so considerate and thoughtful around the farm.
See a few pics below and more at our website
Jane and Ken Cundiff Floyd, VA

Farm tour July 10th 2020
Great hanging with you today!
I can see so many elements of your farm that could be an inspiration for my future farm. I left with the feeling that you're doing it 100% right!
Brian Bailey  Roanoke, VA