Sustainability Consulting Services

A list of services we provide to make your homestead or farm more sustainable.

Increasingly, we are witnessing erratic and record breaking climate anomalies as both temperature and precipitation "normals" throughout the year are now routinely less than, or more than expected. This comes in the form of hotter weather and exceptional droughts, or longer and lower colder temperature periods, or excessive rainfall.

In 2007, our area of East Tennessee experienced double the number of days when the temperature exceeded ninety degrees. (31 days normal - 62 days in 2007) That year, we also experienced the worst drought in our recorded weather history (117 years).

In 2009, we had the opposite situation from 2007. Rainfall totaled a whooping five and a half feet, with three months averaging over nine inches. We finished the frost-free growing season with our rainwater storage system 100% full. The July-Aug weather was appreciably cooler than 2007. These two extremes are what we work at in our sustainable design. It is a process of enhancing the ability of healthy soil and natural land features to provide a micro-climate moderating bridge between the different seasonal extremes.

Since the 1974 oil embargo, we have been continually learning and working on sustainability concepts and practices including shelter design, organic food growing, storage water security, and the natural heating and cooling of dwellings. Over the decades since our initial efforts, we have honed our skills, increased our knowledge, and have expanded our experiential background, so that we are now able to provide comprehensive and in-depth holistic consultation services to clients for a wide range of environmental projects designed to improve the livability of your homestead or farm.

These are examples of some of the many services we provide:

  • Consultation services, on your site and /or over the phone
  •  Land use survey, for determining land suitability for solar oriented dwellings, rainwater pond construction, fruit orchards, row crop areas, gardens, sustainable forest management, and shelter tree belts
  •  Rainwater collection systems - design and installation
  •  Mechanical pond digging / old pond reclamation / pond repair
  •  Shelter belt tree landscaping

 •    Workshops

  • Rainwater collection
  • Simple green construction and exterior energy efficiency retrofitting techniques
  • New Farm or homestead start-up
  • Earth systems awareness & permaculture basics
  • Introduction to organic gardening



We are ready to put our many years of rainwater collection experience

and successful storage design to work for you.

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