Farm Greeting Cards and Prints

Beautiful artwork inspired by our farm and produced on greeting cards and archival prints by Cielo





Feather image

Many of these art cards and prints are inspired by the natural spirited life here on our East Tennessee Organic Teaching Farm.

The blending of my drawings, paintings and digital photographs are meant to celebrate this living Earth and pluck a chord of re-membering that as we do to our Earth we do to ourselves. ~Cielo Sand, artist

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The cards are not only wonderful notes to have on hand, they also make great gifs. The cards come in a convenient 5 x 7" frameable size for decorating. The card designs are also available as prints, with sizes and prices that vary. Please email for print details.

All images are printed with the Epson Stylus Pro 4880 printer and Epson K3 Ultrachrome inks on archival-quality photo papers. The cards are blank on the inside and many have informative descriptions of the subject matter on the back.

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    - Individual - $4.00 + mailing

    - Prints - sizes and prices vary depending on the design. Information upon request

1. Email your order using the name located on the right of the card and the quantity. For size and cost of prints, email:

2. When your order is received an invoice will be emailed to you. Please send postal money order (only) made out to Cielo Sand to: Cielo Sand, 226 Rodgers Lane, Rockwood, TN 37854

3. When your payment is received (postal money order only), your order will be mailed within 2 working days unless otherwise informed.

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Cards and Prints will be shipped within two (2) working days of orders unless otherwise informed. 

RETURN POLICY - We have a no return policy unless the cards are damaged from shipping. Please contact us immediately.* Buyer shall be responsible for the cost of return mailing of damaged cards, and seller shall be responsible for cost of replacing and re-shipping.

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CHICK'ZEN-Rooster Reflection



Rooster Reflection

Our good farm rooster is a reflection of nobility. He is the primary caretaker of his flock. In the field he stands watch for predator hawks and foxes, while hens are single-focused on scratching for food. He calls to his flock when he discovers a nest of bugs and will step aside to let the hens eat first.


Grey Beard


















Wetland Flight




 Wetland Flight







Heron Moon





HERON-Landscape, night










Heron Night Landscape






HERON-Landscape, day













Heron Day Landscape


Tree of Life-1

Winter Sun

   Tree of Life-3

Hackberry Moon

  Farm Sunrise

Blue Ridge Night

SPIRAL-Water Cycle




Water Cycle






Cedar Heart


Flowering Series

Flowering Garlic


Winter Poppy

Flower-Iris Ivory



Iris Ivory









Holiday Series

MANDALA-Winter Star









Winter Star

  Winter Star was inspired by the discovery of an unusually late   blooming Queen Annes Lace (Wild Carrot) near the garden gate.  This tiny snowflake-like cluster became the  center from which the bright red and mossy colored sprigs of Lambs-Quarters (Pigweed) spring outward, their rich seasonal colors warming the spirit like the suns rays warm a chilled body.


        Peace Raven

   Juniper Peace